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Latest News:

The incredible Ken Forrester comes to Vines for a 1 night extravaganza

Tue, 6 June 2017

A very special evening with Ken Forrester - One of South Africa’s winemaking stars.

Come meet, Ken Forrester himself, also known as Mr. Chenin for an evening filled with stories & yarns as well as great wine.

Limited Seating Available | To take advantage of this opportunity, reserve your seat by contacting: Vines - Riverbend Wine Merchants


Vines Wine Merchants 2331 Rabbit Hill Road Edmonton, AB T6R 3L6
TIME : 19h00 - 21h00      COST : $29.99 per person       SPACES : Limited Seating Available


Vines-Riverbend Wine Merchants

GPS : 53.45537540, -113.56402430