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Evita Bezuidenhout & Her Captured State

Wed, 29 November 2017

Oude Libertas Summer Season Festival: Evita Bezuidenhout & Her Captured State

Evita Bezuidenhout has been part of South Africa’s political sessions of Big Broeder since 1981 when the state was captured by the National Party. Once the former apartheid South African Ambassador in the Black Homeland of Bapetikosweti, she is now in the kitchens of Luthuli House where she cooks for reconciliation. She has always reminded us where we come from, so that we can celebrate where we are going. But since her three grandchildren have started asking questions about the past, Tannie Evita realises that while all the people of South Africa are now free to celebrate their history and their culture, some South Africans still are rootless. Especially the Afrikaner whose official history was often made up behind a desk in Pretoria as propaganda. What was fake news? How many details were alternative facts? Just days before the crucial ANC Congress to choose a new leader for the party and the country, Tannie Evita uses humour as her weapon of mass distraction, proving that sometimes history can repeat itself and turn tragedy into farce. The problems of the past, the issues of the day and the hopes for the future – all in the hands of the most famous white woman in the African National Congress, who now proves that there is still freedom of speech in Luthuli House. It is just sometimes after speech that freedom goes.


Corner Adam Tas & Libertas road Stellenbosch
TIME : 20:15      COST : 200       SPACES :


Bondina Osterhoff