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Richard Cock & Friends (Zolani Mahola & Adeliah Douw)

Wed, 13 December 2017

Oude Libertas Summer Season Festival: Richard Cock & Friends (Zolani Mahola & Adeliah Douw)

Following on from the success of the last few years, Richard Cock has invited well-known Zolani Mahola ( lead singer from Freshleyground and Adeliah Douw to join him in presenting another in the series of “Friends” concerts….This time they will explore the rich musical vein of well-known ballads and favourite tunes, all presented in the relaxed and welcoming way that has made these concerts so popular in the past.


Corner Adam Tas & Libertas road Stellenbosch
TIME : 20:15      COST : 220       SPACES :


Bondina Osterhoff