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News from DeWaal Wines - August 2017

17 August 2017  -  DeWaal Wines

We are happy to announce that our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc were bottled recently and we are looking forward to their release by September!

This year’s vintage created great wines! Although it was very dry throughout the summer, we had a splash of rain early in January.  Harvesting of the Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc began at the end of the month and the wine making action in the cellar started to heat up immediately. The days were hot as usual, but in February the evenings became 4° - 5° cooler than normal. The grapes were smaller in general this season, specifically that of the Pinotage, with more intensity and flavour.  Indications are that this vintage might become one of the best Pinotage vintages ever!

Pieter presented our wines at the lovely Winchester Mansions Hotel in Cape Town in March. Their monthly events include magnificent wines, delectable designer food and impressive art displays. The De Waal Sauvignon Blanc, the welcoming drink, was the start to a fantastic evening. Five spectacular courses were paired with our wines. The highlight of the evening was the 2014 Merlot with its wonderful herbaceous flavours, surprisingly complimenting a delicious dark chocolate parfait!

One of our customers was very impressed with an older wine he opened recently. He bought a 2003 De Waal Merlot more than 10 years ago and stored it in optimum conditions in his cellar.  He opened a couple of bottles and was thrilled that they have kept so well, still fresh with wonderful fruit.  Remarkable feedback on a 14 year old Merlot!  We were delighted to receive this news, but not surprised, as we produce our Merlot closer to a french style which can mature very well.

Ten years ago this wine was in the limelight, being awarded a Gold Medal at the International Wine Competition in Brussels.

We at De Waal Wines were one of the first producers of Merlot in South Africa. Our first Merlot, a 1984 vintage, was chosen to be served on SAA to International First Class passengers!

Our climate is changing globally and in the Western Cape we are currently experiencing a severe drought. Cape Town and the surrounding towns are under immense pressure as dam levels are extremely low and households are on level four water restrictions to save water.

At the beginning of June, a huge storm arrived in the Cape with gale-force winds causing a lot of damage. On the plus side though, it also brought much needed rain!  At De Waal Wines our dam levels rose extensively after three rainy days. We were lucky to escape with minimal damage due to the strong, gusty winds.

Pieter recently presented two wine gourmet evenings at the exquisite Head over Hills Guest House in Knysna. Wine and food lovers were treated to a vertical tasting of our Top of the Hill Pinotage and also other De Waal wines from their downstairs wine cellar. We are proud to have our wines listed at this esteemed venue, and thankful that this beautiful lodge was spared from the terrible Knysna fires in June.

International Pinotage Day - 14 October 2017
The annual Pinotage Celebration is taking place in October. Look out for our specials and activities at the farm to celebrate our very own South African grape varietal, Pinotage.   We at De Waal Wines have a very close link to the South African Pinotage Story. CT de Waal, a family member, was the first person to ever make a Pinotage wine! We look forward to sharing the story behind this with you!