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Sun-powered conferencing at Spier

8 December 2017  -  Spier

As part of Spier’s commitment to a self-sufficient and sustainable future, we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

This August, we installed a solar power system on the Spier Conference Centre roof. The system generates electricity from the sun and will offset approximately 40% of the Conference Centre's annual power usage. When electricity demand in the Centre is low and generation is high, the excess power will be used by other buildings on the farm.

Not only is solar generated power less expensive than energy from the grid, it also substantially reduces our carbon footprint. The solar energy generated by Spier in one year is 50.8 metric tonnes of CO2 savings; this is the equivalent of 24.58 tonnes of coal that doesn’t need be burnt in a coal-fired power station.

This means that whenever you book an event or conference at Spier, you can be assured that you’re contributing to the fight against climate change.

Fast Facts:

• The system will save roughly 40% (72,281kWh) of the Conference Centre’s annual usage (156,400kWh).
• The 42kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system is made up of 156 solar panels.
• Together, the panels take up 255m2 of the Spier Conference Centre’s roof.
• Energy from the sun is converted via two inverters which turn the DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) which can be used by appliances.
• The system has an estimated total lifetime of 30 to 35 years.
• This is the third and largest solar PV system to be installed at Spier by RenEnergy, Spier’s energy partner which is also based on the estate.